[SQUAD] Official legend.gg tournament #1 $40 Prize

About [SQUAD] Official legend.gg tournament #1 $40 Prize


This tournament is for all platforms! 

At least one person per team will have to stream the matches on twitch, it will allow our team to verify your points and be sure that no one is bypassing any rules. The Stream title should include: 'Playing in Legend.gg Tournament, Team: (team name)'. 

Make sure that you have VOD activated, so your match gets saved & upload a screenshot!

Everyone needs to join our discord to get quick updates and instant support!

Everyone will start out with playing two games each and then the 8 teams with the most points will get into the bracket and play until there is only one winning squad left!

1 Kill = 1 Point
1 Win = 5 Points

If your opponent team got the same amount of points as your team, the team that has dealt more damage (in total) wins.

Make sure to screenshot the final result of every match you play in our tournament.

Using third-party programs isn't allowed -if you try, you'll get a permanent ban from our tournaments.

Payout: Paypal/Bank Transfer/Cryptocurrency

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