[SOLO] Official Legend.gg Tournament #2 $50 Prize

About [SOLO] Official Legend.gg Tournament #2 $50 Prize


This tournament is available for PC only!


  1. 30 Minutes before the tournament starts, you'll have to Check In on this page - you will just need to confirm you're here and you'll be all set! Failing to check in will result in being disqualified from the tournament, even if you signed up for it before.
  2. You will have to add your opponent 15 minutes before the tournament starts, if your opponent does not respond within the 15 minutes, contact the staff on our discord and they will get disqualified.
  3. Using third-party programs isn't allowed - if you try, you'll get a permanent ban from our tournaments.
  4. Cheating is not permitted.
  5. You must play your game until you get to the kill count screen - make sure to screenshot it.

Everyone needs to join our discord to get quick updates and instant support!

Matches / Point System:

All matches are BO1.

It means you and your opponnent will play 1 game together.

  • Whoever gets the most kills, wins.
  • If your opponent has got the same amount of kills as you, whoever has dealt more damage (in total) wins.

Can I restart my match?

No, you can't restart your match for any reason, it will disqualify you, however, there are some execptions:

  • If your or your opponents game crashed BEFORE landing.
  • Dying to a cheater. If you or your opponent dies to a cheater, you have the right to restart the game, but you'll need to contact Staff first and provide adequate proof, otherwise, your/your opponent will be disqualified.


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  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
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