Privacy Policy

Last Modified: February 28, 2019
Your Privacy Rights

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes Your privacy rights regarding Legend.gg´s collection, use, storage, sharing, and protection of Your personal data.

You accept this Policy when using this Site, register as a member and participate in any matches or competitions on this Site. This Policy applies to all Sites, property and services owned or operated by Legend.gg.

All definitions specified in the Terms of Use shall also apply to this Policy. The terms of this Policy may occasionally be updated, therefore, You shall read this Policy periodically. Any amendments to this Policy will be published on this Site and, where appropriate, notified to You in writing. Significant changes to this Policy will always be sent You via e-mail.

What is Personal Data?

With “Personal Data” We mean any information that can be used to identify You as a natural person, directly or indirectly, in particular by referring to Your name, e-mail address, an identification number, location data or an online identifier.

We Protect Your Personal Data

Legend.gg is the personal data controller and is thus responsible for any personal data sumitted by You on this Site in accordance with applicable data protection law.

Where do we collect Personal Data?

To use this Site, We need to collect Personal Data from You and sometimes from other sources.

When You register a User Account, We collect Your e-mail address and password according to Your input. We will also request You to choose a username (nickname) for Your Legend.gg Account, as well as to input your birthdate and country.

You also have the opportunity to register Your User Account by using Your Facebook account. We then collect the following Personal Data from Your Facebook account: (i) full name; (ii) profile picture; (iii) e-mail address; (iv) birthday; and (v) country.

Upon Your first login after creating Your profile, We may request additional Personal Data from You, such as payment information, first and last name, address, and telephone number.

By connecting a Game Account (Steam, League of Legends) to Your User Account We will, via Your Game Account, get access to player and gaming history, such as your in-game ranks, match results and other publicly available profile information related to the Game. Moreover, We will collect standard technical information, such as Your IP-address, browser information, preferred language, as well as the OS You use.

What Personal Data does Legend.gg process?

Legend.gg processes Your Personal Data for different purposes. Hereunder follows a list of the purposes and legal basis for processing Your Personal Data.

Personal Data about you
Purpose for processing
Legend.gg's lawful basis for processing
E-mail address and passwords (additional Personal Data if You register via Facebook)
For administrating Your User Account.
The processing is necessary for Us to comply with Our contractual obligations towards You, such as creating and administrating Your User Account and allowing You to participate in competitions.
Country you live in, birthday & address
To offer you competitions and activities relevant to your location and age.
It is Our legitimate interest to process Your Personal Data for being able to give You the best user experience. It is necessary for Us to gather your Personal Data to be able to present relevant activities to You.
For administrating participation in tournaments and competitions.
The processing is necessary for Us to comply with Our contractual obligation towards You.
Game account
For verifying your in-game identity and verifying match results in competitions, as well as to gather match and game statistics.
The processing is necessary for Us to comply with Our contractual obligation towards You.
E-mail address, first and last name and/or username.
For managing support questions and complaints.

It is Our legitimate interest to process Your Personal Data for being able to help You with support questions. It is necessary for Us to gather your Personal Data to be able to assist you with Your questions.

If Your question is regarding a complaint, We will process it on the lawful basis of fulfilling Our contractual obligation.

E-mail address, first and last name and/or username.

In order to send you direct marketing material about Our new features and games.

In order to handle Your request of unsubscribing from Our advertisements.

It is Our legitimate interest to process Your Personal Data for the purpose of sending You direct marketing material.

It is Our legitimate interest to process Your Personal Data to handle Your request regarding unsubscription from Our advertisements.

Username, gameplay data and statistics, tournament records and any other information with regard to Your gaming activity.
Promoting Your victories, marketing, and other relating purposes.
You hereby consent to Use processing Your personal data for the specified purposes.
Sharing your Personal Data

Legend.gg will not intentionally disclose or share any Personal Data about You to third parties without Your consent, except where Legend.gg, in good faith, believes such disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable law or contractual provisions in Our Terms of Use or to enforce the Terms of Use or where such disclosure is expressly permitted under the Terms.

When We share Your Personal Data, We always ensure that Our third party providers process Your Personal Data safely and secure, with no lower standards than Ours. As of today, We have data processors assisting us with the following services: (i) payment solution, such as PayPal and (ii) IT services providers.

Your acceptance of any Prizes constitutes consent for Legend.gg's disclosure of Personal Data related to the Prizes, including to any third party in connection with awarding such Prizes. Legend.gg reserves the right to collect and disclose general demographic and other market information that do not personally identify You to any person without Your additional consent.

Where is Your Personal Data Processed and Stored?

Legend.gg always tries to process Your Personal Data within the EU/EEA. However, in some situations Your Personal Data may be transferred to and processed in a country outside the EU/EEA. In those cases, Legend.gg ensures that appropriate measures are in place to protect Your Personal Data in accordance with applicable data protection law.


A “cookie” is a small text file sent from Legend.gg's server to Your browser. The cookie cannot identify You personally, it can, only recognize the browser that is installed on Your computer which is used to access this Site. Different cookies are sent to different computers if You access this Site from different computers. Cookies are required for the system to function correctly and safely, for example when You login to Your User Account. Cookies are also used to measure the data traffic to the system and for statistical reasons.

There are two types of cookies: one type is called “session cookies”, and the other is called “permanent cookies”. Legend.gg's system uses both session cookies and permanent cookies.

A session cookie is sent between Your computer and Legend.gg's server in order for the system to work properly during Your visit on this Site. A session cookie disappears when the browser is closed and is thus not stored on the computer.

A permanent cookie is stored in Your computer and allows Legend.gg's systems to recognize Your computer's IP address and web browser the next time You login.

You can decline Legend.gg's system to store cookies on Your computer by editing a setting in Your browser. Such settings may imply that certain functions on this Site will not function properly or be available.

Deselection of Personal Data

Your Personal Data will be stored as long as You have an active User Account. Eleven months after Your last login will receive a reminder on Your inactivity. Upon further inactivity, Your User Account will be blocked. Two years after Your last login, Your User Account will be deleted due to inactivity unless the data is required for a specific reason or Legend.gg has agreed with You to store the Personal Data for a specified period. Legend.gg reserves the right to delete Personal Data earlier if Legend.gg deems it appropriate.

Your rights

Below are the rights that You have under applicable data protection law. If You wish to send a request regarding any of Your rights, please contact Us via the e-mail address under section 12.

In order to meet Your request, the request needs to be as specific as possible. Please use indicators such as: the type of data, the type of document, the involved function/business department and/or the involved contact persons etc.. Your request cannot be processed if the request is not specific or clear.


Right to Acces - Once a year You have the right to request a withdrawal of a record of wish Your Personal Data We hold about you.


Right to Rectification - If the Personal Data Legend.gg holds about You is inaccurate or not complete, You have the right to ask Us to rectify it. If that Personal Data has been passed to a third party with Your consent or for legal reasons, then We must also ask them to rectify Your Personal Data.


Right to Erasure - You have the right to erase all Your Personal Data collected by Us if we do not have a legal reason to continue to process and hold it.


Right to Object - You have the right to object to Legend.gg processing Your Personal Data even if it is based on Our legitimate interests, the exercise of official authority, direct marketing, or processing for the purpose of statistics.


Right to withdraw consent - If You have given Us Your consent to process Your Personal Data but change Your mind, You have the right to withdraw Your consent at any time, and Legend.gg must discontinue processing Your Personal Data.


You have the right to complain to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Swe:Datainspektionen) if You feel that Legend.gg has not adequately responded to Your requests regarding any of the under section 10 mentioned rights.

Contact Us

If You have any questions regarding this Policy or wish to exercise any of Your rights, You can contact us on the below phone number and address:

Name: Edwin Flataunet

Phone: +46(0)70 - 771 16 05

E-mail: hi@legend.gg

Address: Nohabgatan 18A, 461 53 Trollhättan, Sweden