Legend.gg is a platform for Apex Legend tournaments, we provide both free and buy-in tournaments where winners get paid in real money.

Keep in mind that we are still in beta while we iron things out.

Once you join a tournament you are signed up for it and we will notify you before it starts through email, but please remember the date and time to make sure you are ready.

The tournament bracket will be posted once the tournament has been filled.

Currently our Apex Legend tournaments are a mix of Solo 1v1 eliminations and Squad matches, this means that in the case of a Solo 1v1 you will be playing in a squad with your opponent, with the user gaining the most kills in that game crowning victory. As for Squads, you'll be battling out against another Squad competing for most kills again, with the most being the victor!

We have both free and paid tournaments! With a healthy mix of the two we are able to attract both casual players and competitive players alike, better including everyone! Keep an eye out at https://legend.gg/tournaments

Sure! If you fancy making your own tournament with your own rules and regulations, head over to https://legend.gg/hosting to find out the details! We include an easy to use web panel that lets you tailor your tournament to your full specification for a great experience as a tournament organiser and as a player.

If the tournament is a Solo tournament, all you'll need to do is sign up at https://legend.gg/register and then signing up to it at https://legend.gg/tournaments, be quick before all the slots are filled though! If you want to join a Squads tournament, you'll need to be in a Squad.

Squads can be found at https://legend.gg/squads, and includes active rosters, motos, detailed statistics and player information! Once you're in a Squad you will be able to sign up to all Squad tournaments.

If you win a tournament, congratulations! A member of Staff will be in touch with you shortly about the payout. Do not fall for scams and always make sure you are speaking with an official member of our team, you can verify all Staff on our Discord server or via e-mail hi@legend.gg